Benefits of our signature ‘Bias Cut’ kurung skirt

You’ve heard us use the term bias cut many times in our description of our baju kurung and you most probably wondered, what does it actually mean?  How is it different from the normal cutting of other baju kurungs out there? Why is our bias cut skirt so flexible?

The bias cut is a technique created in 1927 by a Parisian couturier where the fabric is cut at a diagonal angle instead of the usual straight grain lines of the fabric. This will cause the fabric to be more stretchable and figure hugging. The bias cut has become a popular technique since then as bias cut garments are figure flattering and falls beautifully to the shape of the body.

Melinda Looi has always adopted this technique in her designs as she finds that the bias cut is always flattering on her customers. Every woman is unique in their own body shape thus the amazing bias cut is able to suit and flatter each woman according to their curves. Even as Melinda designs her yearly Emel by Melinda Looi Raya collection, she uses the bias cut method on the kurung so that the skirt is able to cling on to the hips and midriff of the wearer elegantly.

bias cut baju kurung baju raya moden

You will also notice that the top stitching of the skirt looks like it is unfinished. However, it is specially designed so that the waistband needs to be folded in twice to give a smooth and clean surface on the kurung. We have created a video to visually show you how to wear our signature bias cut kurung. Hope that helps and do watch the video below! 🙂

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