Behind The Scenes: Emel 2018 Raya Picture

From left: Sharifah Aleya, Ezani Monoto (standing), Ruhainies Farehah (sitting), Ziana Zain (sitting), Dr. Jezamine Lim (sitting), Azira Shafinaz (top), Fatimah Abu Bakar (sitting), Sheila Rusly (standing), Diana Amir (sitting), Farah Ann (top behind Diana Amir), Manggis (sitting), Sophia Liana (beside Manggis), Atita Haris , and Sherry Ibrahim.

If you ever wonder what it’s like to work with not 5, not 10, but 14 public figures, then watch what happens behind the scene of our 2018 Raya Pictures at the link below. Joined by so many talented ladies ranging from actresses and athlete to Master Chef and singer, it was truly a memorable experience. Not only were all the public figures above friendly, but they were also extremely cooperative which made the whole process of our Emel 2018 Picture a smooth journey. Thank you ladies for joining Emel 2018!

Watch the behind the scenes video!

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