FashionValet Afternoon Tea Party in Kuala Lumpur: Baju Raya 2016 Collection

Started the morning off with an interview at Bernama TV where Melinda was asked grilling questions about the latest lines she is currently working on, her signature style ( I am sure most of you may have noticed it by now!), how it has changed / evolved in comparison with her initial start of the career and her ultimate goal of achievement for herself.

We made a quick pit stop to have a look at our Emel By Melinda Looi promotional area at Avenue K which is right at the main entrance in between of H&M and Sephora! We are so happy with the response especially now that Ramadhan is just around the corner.

Traffic in Kuala Lumpur, as always is madness during peak hour! Instead of it being a 5 minutes drive from Avenue K to G Tower, it actually took us more than half an hour. Fortunately we were not the only latecomers to the afternoon tea party. We met other fellow designers, press and we were in for a treat as FashionValet  prepared a 4 course meal for us! Want to know more?

Well… click on the video below to have a glimpse of the event:)


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